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You often hear people say that "life is too short" even though most of us will live to the ripe old age of 75 or more. So what do we mean with "life is short"? Some people think that 75 years is not long enough to achieve all the things they would like to achieve. How is that possible?

Life can, in fact, be short. If we are in the habit of not "living life to the full" and putting things off and allowing life to "slip away" by not doing the things we ought to do or would like to do, then we might find life is too short! This is why we have to always focus on the here and now and make sure we don't allow time to slip away. Don't wait for today to become yesterday!

This is why we have created The Life Improvement Network. A place where we can challenge ourselves to become better, exchange ideas and have plans to improve our lives as well as the lives of the people around us, especially those of the people we love. Maintain our health so we can live a long and disease-free life. Have enough income and financial resources to do the things we would like to do. Do these things with a level of satisfaction and a feeling of fulfillment which allows as to keep that smile on our faces 😀

Health, Money, and Mindset are all segments of our life which are equally important and in some cases they are interrelated. Then there are the outside influences which are important but which we cannot control completely ourselves which are Family, Friends and The World (Environment).

However, each of these segments can and should be dealt with separately. They are each so different in nature and require individual plans and strategies depending on personal preference and circumstances.

If one of these items is ignored and/or isn't functioning properly, then it will almost certainly have a direct impact on some or all of the other areas. Balance is the key here. You only have one life and it is vital you make the best of the time you have on this planet. This means concentrating on the three areas you can directly control yourself but still addressing the others.

A question to consider, is any one of these areas more important than the others? The answer to this question is probably your health. Health problems will probably have a major impact on your lifestyle and have an impact on everything you do. We are not talking about the occasional cold but more serious illnesses which can affect us and even kill us. This is why we spend time focusing on health issues.

It is unfortunate to see so many people not taking care of their health and heading towards huge problems later in life. The two which come to mind is being overweight, or even obese, and the other is smoking cigarettes. Both will lead to illnesses and a shorter life and yet large sections of the population suffer from these two main causes of death.



Some of us might think money is the most important issue which could lead to a better life. Money, or lack of money, can certainly impact a lot of things. It is also something which is not so easily resolved in many cases. The vast majority of the population has a job as the only source of income and there is a price which employers are prepared to pay for your skills. It is important to be informed about the job market just to make sure you are being paid at least the market salary for your position. Don't be afraid to ask for a higher salary if you would be indispensable.

Then you have expenses. As long as your expenses don't exceed your earnings, you can probably at least survive, financially speaking. Problems start when you spend more than you earn and start taking on debt. You not only have to pay the debt back, but you also have to pay the interest on the debt. A so-called double whammy!

There is a lot you can do to cut your expenses. Experience shows that people don't focus on the expenses side of this equation until it is too late. Double-check everything. Cut out anything which doesn't contribute to the enhancement of your life. Be careful with monthly subscription deals, especially the low-cost ones. Categorize your expenses, The big groups are rent or mortgage payments, food, car payments, vacations, and entertainment.

Failing everything else, the only option would be to have a side income besides your job. This has been very difficult up until now but with the introduction of the Internet and numerous devices to access it, new online opportunities have emerged where a side income is easily achievable if you have a strong desire and a plan