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The curator of the information on this website is Colin Buckingham. Colin is in his early seventies and has most of his life behind him. This gives him a unique perspective on life as he has experienced more than most people, both good and bad! He has been able to achieve success from very humble beginnings and with no formal, academic education. He feels his older generation has so much knowledge and experience which should be invaluable to the generations to come and he is trying to fulfill this promise if only they will listen.

The short version on Colin's life is he speaks five languages fluently, has lived in six different countries, traveled the world extensively, has three children, four grandchildren, has managed large, international corporations as CEO and has run his own successful company in the financial services industry.

Colin is an avid health nut, bikes thousands of mile each year (the latest marathon was to ride from Berlin to Stuttgart 900 km.), has run half-marathons and practices what he preaches. You only have one body, he says, and it is your responsibility to take care of it! He has been studying for some time the new branch of wellness/healthcare called Nutrigenomics. This is opening up completely new avenues to disease avoidance and treatment. He is not a doctor nor a physician but likes to call himself an "expert of experts" as he has read thousands of article and studies on the subject from most of the experts.

His corporate career focused mainly on the telecommunications industry where he became well-known in the area of wireless communications. As one of the founders of the worldwide DECT cordless telephone standard, he established himself as a sought after expert in this field. Almost all of the cordless telephones in the USA and Europe (for home use) are manufactured to the DECT standard. You probably use one yourself!

Having left the corporate world he embarked on a career in the financial services industry and established himself as one of the most successful providers of financial annuities in the USA which helped thousands weather the financial crisis in 2008 and protect their assets.

Since his retirement, he has focused on providing information which can change peoples' lives. This he categorizes into three areas.

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Happiness

Not only does he want people to live longer, he wants them to become and remain healthy. Unfortunately, the world around us creates profits from our bad health and bad habits and the only person who can control this is you. There are some simple decisions you can take to get back control of your health and you are not going to hear this from the food manufacturing industry which is profits orientated and only responsible to its shareholders, the pharmaceutical industry keeping you sick and selling you their drugs, and not even the government who collects billions in taxes from all of these industries.

We all know that to get through life we need money. This normally comes in the form of income from an employer. Although Colin in his corporate career always put his employees first, this is not normal. In most countries, the employees (and their income) are at the mercy of corporate decisions which are more in the interest of shareholders. One good question is how can you protect yourself from all of this? What is going to happen if you lose your job and income because someone decides the company should go in a different direction? Or the company has to downsize because computers and machines have taken over jobs? What will you do? These are the types of questions Colin will address.

Starting Your Own Business

Then we have the feeling or emotion of all things good which is reflected in what he calls happiness. You could call this something else such as "satisfaction" or "contentment" but it is the combination of perfect health, solid finances and such things as good relationships, a supportive family and great kids.

The purpose of this website is to provide you with tips and suggestions on how to improve all three of these elements. We will be posting information which you will only find here as well as posts from other websites which Colin is moderating. These include:

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We will also be inviting input from other experts so if you have a strong view on something we are discussing let us know. We may occasionally be recommending some products and/or books if it is judged they provide a great advantage to our readers.