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The vitamin supplement industry is huge. Some experts put its current retail value somewhere in the range of $200 billion worldwide. One of the questions we ask is why is there such a huge demand for these pills? Is it based on hardcore scientific research which proves they are necessary and effective? The answer to both of these questions is a loud NO!

This demand has developed over the years out of fear. The industry has convinced us that modern food cultivation and processing has reduced the vitamin content of what we consume. Therefore we must "supplement" to make up for this loss. But this major assumption is not based on any large scientific study, anywhere!

In fact, science has moved beyond this as we understand more and more how the body functions. We have reached the point where scientists are now saying that the pills we swallow every day make little or no difference to our health or how long we live. In some cases, it has been scientifically proven that taking too many, or combinations of some of them, can be outright dangerous!

One of the many magic words they throw at us is "antioxidants" as something we must swallow to survive. In fact, antioxidants seem to be in everything we buy today from sugar puffs to many of the soft drinks.