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What Is Wealth?

The word "wealth" means a lot of different things to different people. If we just look at an analysis of the general population in terms of income or assets it is fairly easy to categorize people into wealth segments. Then the question could be, under which group do you fall and are you happy with that?

First of all, it is important to point out that money is not the answer to everything. Many families are quite happy with their current situation even if they might be classified under a "lower-income" category. They have a place to live, can put food on the table and take vacations now and then with the whole family. They are happy.

Then there are people whom we might regard to be wealthy but who have lots of problems with their business, might have issues in their marriage and the kids are on drugs. What did all the money do for them?

This being said, money still plays an important role in our lives and without it, we could have lots of problems. Here we are not going to give run-of-the-mill financial advice for everyday situations but will focus more on opportunities which exist to supplement your current income so you might be able to afford a few more things money can buy or even start your own business with little or no resources and become really financially independent.

The fact is, you will never be able to become independently wealthy working for someone else. You are just selling your time to an employer and they are leveraging you to become wealthy. Of course, there is often risk involved in starting your own business but in today's online world, these risks can be minimalized with just small upfront investments.


It is not a secret anymore that retail sales are moving quickly to the online environment. With the change in generations, where kids are almost born with some sort of mobile device in their hand, it is clear that the trend in the graph will just continue. What is not shown in this graphic is the fact that online sales are still less than 15% of all retail sales. In other words, we are still at the beginning of this revolution. For anyone who understands this, the conclusion could only be: there is a ton of opportunity here! To take advantage of this I don't need to build and open at a physical location. I can start my business from almost anywhere in the world with a solid Internet connection. This is something we want to take a much closer look at.


There has never been a better time to start your own business. With the whole world gradually getting online and with the rapid spread of devices, both stationary and mobile, it is no surprise that access to both products, services, and information in the future will move to the online environment.

This means you can start your own business from home, online. No need for massive investments in a storefront, inventory, and employees. Many millionaires have already been created from people starting a business this way on the side, before even quitting their day job.

It still does require some small investments upfront so don't believe those who tell you you can start for free. Probably, the biggest hurdle, and therefore the biggest startup cost, is locating potential customers. Even this can be achieved relatively inexpensively but does require a considerable investment in time.




Our strong advice is to avoid any work-from-home opportunities where you are selling your own time. This could be writing articles, doing product reviews, website designing, remote call center positions, translating, data entry, and so on and so forth. Selling your time online is almost the same as working a daytime job but without any job security.

Our recommendations can be listed under the following categories:

  • Selling physical products - Dropshipping
  • Selling physical and digital products (Affiliate Marketing)
  • Network Marketing

These are broad categories which cover many different types of products, both physical and digital, but allow you to leverage the efforts of others and create substantial income.


With the dropship model you do not own the product, never have to manufacture it, never have to warehouse it and never have to ship it. You just focus on the marketing function and the manufacturer takes care of the rest. In most cases, you can set the sales price and the difference between that and the manufacturing and shipping costs is your profit to keep.

This has become a popular model recently with the emergence of countries (like China) who can manufacture high-quality products at very low prices.

A similar concept is that of becoming a sales agent. You might have a blog or website where products are mentioned and your link then takes the potential customer to a website (like Amazon) where the product can be purchased and you earn a commission.


Affiliate marketing is a derivative of the product commission model which has become more to the fore as an effective way to sell mainly digital as opposed to physical products.

This is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn money online. However, the key is building the so-called "list", a list of customers such as an email list to which you can send an unlimited number of product offers. The email transmissions are almost free of costs but the investment is in building and maintaining the list.

This is a very effective way of marketing digital products such as informational products which can be relatively inexpensive and have to be sold in higher volumes. The profit margins on these digital products are almost 100%!


Sometimes referred to as direct selling. This is one of the oldest models of home-based businesses and involves taking products and/or services and referring them to friends and family. Not only can commissions be earned on product sales coming from referrals you can also build a team of representatives under you and earn override commissions on their sales.

This is a system of selling which many reputable companies use to create huge volumes of sales. Most of these companies are well-established and very large such as Amway, Avon, Herbalife, Mary Kay, and LifeVantage just to name a few. The global sales of network marketing companies are estimated at $34 billion for 2018.

The key to being successful is to be an enthusiastic user of the products themselves. The main advantage of network marketing income is it is normally recurring monthly income.

"If I would be given the chance to start all over again, 




If you have taken the decision to start your own online business from home, full- or part-time, the next step is to decide on your products and/or services. This is probably the most important decision you will take. There are two important aspects which have to be present when you decide - passion and knowledge.

If you are selling products then you have to be using them yourself. If you are selling a service, then you should be knowledgable in what you are proposing. Selling weight-loss advice will be more difficult if you are overweight.

The niche you choose will probably decide which of the online models works best. The good news is the online world is still wide open and opportunities abound. Be prepared to invest a lot of time upfront and some money. If you want an idea of how much, I tell most of my clients to plan on at least $2,000.



This was just a brief overview of some of the things you can consider if you really want to start your own home-based business and begin creating wealth for yourself and your family, instead of your boss. If you would like any help on making your decision then please fill out the form below and ask for a conversation. It will be free and there will be NO sales pressure. We have helped dozens of people take this step and have lots of experience in most of the areas mentioned on this page.

For more information about starting your own online business, visit our sister site:

Congratulations on taking the first step in what could be a life-changing event.

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